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Featured Artists:
Cecilia Baños
Roger Minami

White Orchids The Rubini Gallery of Fine Art was created to introduce and promote the best of Latin American and other autodidactic art. Two such artists are Ana Cecilia Hernandez Baños and Roger Minami.

Michel Rubini discovered these talented artist's work during some of his many world travels. With his extensive background in the arts, Rubini immediately recognized the unique talents of both of these artists.

The Rubini Gallery is the exclusive representative of Baños' and Minami's popular work, which they now bring to a worldwide audience through the Internet.

Of Baños' painting Rubini states, "Baños creates art for the new millennium, paintings that speak to our generation and for those to come. Her work is a vision of the future, clear, crisp and visually in tune."

About Roger Minami's work, Rubini discovered that "Roger is an artist whose work is engagingly personal and brings great emotion to the canvas. His floral work is magnificent in color and depth, and his spectacular paintings of male nudes and angels have a large and growing following in the gay community."

Original pieces, Series pieces, Lithographs, Art Reproductions and Giclee prints, as well as commission works are all available through the Rubini Gallery.    Follow this link for more about art reproduction.

Each work of art is carefully packed and shipped from the United States to assure arrival. Signed pieces are checked for authenticity.

Look for additional work to be shown at the Rubini Gallery by some of the most accomplished artists in Latin America and elsewhere.

Follow these links through The Rubini Gallery and to Michel Rubini's famous "Hitchhiker" television series site.

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